The most common themes depicted in the collection of Casa Michoacan are nature and people’s everyday chores. Here are some of the artifacts you will find in their display cases:

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Bolsas- Textile Bags: These bags made of cotton depict outdoor activities and people interacting with nature. One bag shows men and women fishing in the town of Pascuaro and the Pascuaro Lake. It portrays different fishes, birds, plants, and the men and women fishing in boats using big nets. A second bag shows an outdoor wedding with women dancing, children playing and a variety of plants. A third bag tells the story of  La Danza de los Viejitos, the dance of the little old men, where it takes place outdoor to show that the old men can still dance. Casa Michoacan hosted this dance outdoor this year. The three bags show the same mountains and houses in the background.

Guajes y Platos- Gourds and Plates: Some of the gourds are carved out of wood and others are the real fruit. All are adorned with iconography of nature including the Monarch butterfly. Most can be used to store jewelry or small items. The plates are intended for decoration and also depict sceneries with the butterfly.

Ceramica y Figuras– Ceramic bowls/pots and Figures: The ceramic bowls and pots are also decorated with nature iconography and the female figures, which are about 12” in height are made out of corn husk.

Dibujos, Grabados y Fotografias– Drawings, Etchings and Photographs: The main exhibition of Summer 2010 shows a series of etching from EL Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Alfredo Zalce and sponsored by Michoacan’s Secretary of Culture. The pieces in this exhibition represent one section of a collection on 20th century Mexican etchings of the Zalce Museo. The section in exhibition at Casa Michoacan is called EL Trabajo Cotidiano (the daily work). The pieces show a series of scenes- from the hardship of construction work, to peasants harvesting corn, to women selling food on street carts. Most of the scenes show a link between nature and everyday life chores. In addition, Casa Michoacan displays drawings and photographs about Michoacan’s natural resource such as the Pacific coast-line with beautiful beaches, the conservation of turtles and the Monarch butterflies sanctuaries.