These reports are the result of partner organizations Casa Michoacan in Pilsen and Indo-American Heritage Museum in West Ridge in a study commissioned by the City of Chicago Department of Environment (DOE) to identify strategies for effectively engaging diverse communities throughout the city in the implementation of the Chicago Climate Action Plan (CCAP). So far, ECCo has completed five studies and this project produced the 4th and 5th studies that focused on the Mexican community in Pilsen and the South Asian community in West Ridge. The Pilsen and South Asian studies are available here:

A Note on Storytelling and Ethnography

Incorporating storytelling has enhanced both the research product and the resources and knowledge of our community partners. Storytelling as a methodological technique enriched the studies by contributing narrative stories to semi-structured interview data gathered by the project ethnographer. This has provided a more nuanced and holistic understanding of community dynamics and has broadened the contribution of community members and leaders in the research process.